Millions of children have no access to education, work long hours under hazardous conditions and are forced to serve as soldiers in armed conflict. They suffer targeted attacks on their schools and teachers or languish in institutions or detention centers, where they endure inhumane conditions and assaults on their dignity. Young and immature, they are often easily exploited. In many cases, they are abused by the very individuals responsible for their care. We are working to help protect children around the world, so they can grow into adults.

Children do not have the power to defend their rights, and we, with the affection and conscience, are trying to bring joy into the world of children.

Despite the international laws and treaties on the rights of children, and despite the accession of different nations, these treaties also have children all over the world whose rights are neglected. Child labor, rape of children, lack of appropriate education for children, child drug use, the use of children in war, and so on, are children’s rights violations that are now common in most countries. The advocacy of the rights of the children around the world is based on international laws and treaties, including the UNICEF strategy in the area of ​​child protection and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Efforts are being made to advance and improve children’s lost rights around the world and we are taking steps to protect their lost rights by publishing and breaking news of child rights violations to save children around the world.